01 Aug 2019

ITTF and Two Parts have teamed up to present 'Smash Street by TTX': a first-of-its-kind ping pong experience launching in United States and Italy!

Table Tennis X is back! Denver and Rome get ready to join the party in 2019.

Table Tennis X (TTX) is the talk of the town from the United States to Italy following confirmation of two very exciting events set to be held later this year in Denver (Colorado) and Rome!

TTX is table tennis reimagined. It’s a time-bound format of ping pong that amplifies the excitement within a 2-minute time limit for each game. Designed to encourage anyone to join in the fun, TTX is played with simplified paddles and a bigger, heavier ball that allows the sport to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

With fewer rules restricting how you can strike the ball, it’s up to you to make sure that you leave nothing on the table. Simply smash or play it freestyle to hustle your way to glory! TTX games are never predictable either, with most wins coming in at the last second!

Denver delight: “Smash Street by TTX”

On August 24th 2019, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and Two Parts will be teaming up to present Smash Street by TTX: a first-of-its-kind ping pong experience in the Mile High City of Denver!

TTX wanted to bring their vision to life organically by throwing a massive party in a thriving city to introduce the new game to the world. Once Denver was selected as the city of choice, the partnership between TTX and Two Parts was established, and the concept of Smash Street by TTX was born. With their fingers all over the pulse of what’s happening in Denver, Two Parts is an experiential marketing agency with a massive impact on Denver’s social scene, and the perfect partner to help bring the event to life.

Smash Street by TTX is an all-day, outdoor, first-of-its kind ping pong-a-palooza featuring over 100 tables, open play and 500+ competitors. The event is an all-out takeover at the intersection of Broadway and Walnut in RiNo, and will transform the area into a sprawling adult playground complete with TTX tables, live entertainment, food, libations and fun! The last player standing will win a one-of-a-kind trip to the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in December!

At Smash Street by TTX, you don’t have to be holding a paddle to have a ball! Players and guests alike will enjoy live music and interactive TTX activations where they can test their luck on different variations of TTX tables. While the players are servin’ up aces, food trucks will be serving delicious food and treats while custom-built bars will serve refreshing cocktails and craft beers all day. Whether you come to compete, or just to play some casual pong with your friends, Smash Street is an ace when it comes to fun!

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“Roma Ping Pong Fest”: First ever TTX festival in Italy

On October 6th 2019, you can join in the TTX festivities in the splendid setting of the Imperial Fora at the keenly awaited Roma Ping Pong Fest.

Organised by the ITTF and FITET (the Italian Table Tennis Federation), in collaboration with SG Plus Ghiretti & Partners, and with the support of the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Rome, CONI and the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP), the Roma Ping Pong Fest will be the first of its kind to be launched in Italy, showcasing the new format of table tennis that aims to make the sport more youthful.

This will be a 360° all-rounded TTX experience for participants, featuring a “TTX tournament”, a “Celebrity tournament”, fun zones, music, shows and even more. Participants can simply pick up a racket with family and friends to enjoy a game of TTX and score extra points with wildcards and winners!

“We are excited to see TTX ready to take off in 2019. The energy of the streets of Denver and the iconic Via dei Fori Imperiali and Colosseum provide the perfect backdrop for TTX, a ‘sport for all,’ combining the fun and competitive elements of ping pong in a simplified and social context. “Smash Street by TTX” and the “Roma Ping Pong Fest” are just the start as we continue to explore new opportunities to expand the reach of our amazing sport worldwide.” Gordon Kaye, ITTF Managing Director of Product Innovation

To stay up-to-date on “Roma Ping Pong Fest – A TTX Experience”, simply follow FITET.org, FITET’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as TTX.world and TTXWorld’s Facebook and Instagram pages for further updates.

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