27 May 2019

Formerly at ITTF-Oceania, Rowan Fajerman has joined the ITTF Foundation Team in the capacity of Field Programme Co-ordinator.

He joins at a groundbreaking time when the Dream Building Fund projects are beginning to take meaningful effects.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

At his previous role as Participation Officer, he worked primarily with national associations to increase capacity and ensure delivery of participatory programmes that promote inclusive and healthy lifestyles.

Notably the “Bounce it Back” school programmes were launched officially on World Table Tennis Day, 6th April. He also contributed to extending the “Smash Down Barriers” initiative and the piloting of the ITTF “Developing National Associations” programme in the Pacific.

In his nine years of experience in sport, education and sport for development, he has managed Sport for Development initiatives including having a focus on improving the lives of people with disabilities in the Pacific islands. He believes that Dream Building Fund Projects highlight the power of sport to achieve shared development objectives and create change at all levels, encouraging the table tennis community, leaders and organisations to collaborate towards maximizing the use of sport to achieve sustainable development goals

Leaving a positive and far reaching table tennis legacy is a keen plan for the Foundation; Rowan’s contribution will enable grow Dream Building Projects and spearhead the unwavering support for the many people believing in a better world through table tennis.

“I hope the projects generate further support from key stakeholders and partners to ensure sustainability and wider reach”. Rowan Fajerman.

ITTF Foundation’s Dream Building Fund: Dream Building Fund

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