18 May 2019

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the destination; the country’s largest city will host the forthcoming 2019 Africa Hopes, Cadet Week and Challenge.

Proceedings commence on Saturday 8th June and conclude on Saturday 15th June.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

The goal is to gain a place in the ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge to be staged in Muscat, Oman from Thursday 25th to Wednesday 31st July for which there are places for two boys and two girls from the African continent.

Very much at the helm of proceedings in Kinshasa will be Ramzi B.H Mabrouk, the Development Manager for the African Table Tennis Federation, he will assist Eva Jeler, the head coach in a week when education will be very much at the forefront of activities.

In order for players to attend the event, financial support from the International Table Tennis Federation to assist with expenses has been organized.

Invitation List

Under 12 Girls:
Alimat Akeem Sadiat (Nigeria), Hirwa Kelia Chantal (Rwanda), Yakin Gateka (Burundi), Ashraf Shahata Hagar

Under 12 Boys:
Ishola Okamlawon Usman (Nigeria), Yassine Yasser (Egypt), Elie Malola (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Juma Wabugoya (Uganda)

Under 15 Girls:
Flavi Amaniyo (Uganda), Maram Zoghlemi (Tunisia), Eunice Ankamah (Ghana), Lyly Dinanga (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Alisa Bhojani (Tanzania), Farah Mahjoub (Tunisia), Sandra Arhin (Ghana), Fransnelle Soukazal (Congo Brazzaville)

Under 15 Boys:
Tendo Kasoma (Uganda), Marwan Gamal (Egypt), Sawyer Bresford (Sierra Leone), Exauce Ngefussa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Cedric Urikiyeyezu (Rwanda), Khalil Sta (Tunisia), Abu Elisha (Ghana), Dryche Ekoya Kanga (Congo Brazzaville)

High Performance and Development Coaching Eva jeler Ramzi Mabrouk