06 May 2019

Situated in the North Island of New Zealand, the city of Hamilton was the recent home for the 2019 Oceania Hopes Week and Challenge.

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, administered locally by the Waikato Table Tennis Association, proceedings commenced on Wednesday 24th April and concluded on Monday 29th April.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The head coach was Slovenia’s Eva Jeler, a member of the German national coaching team since 1977; to her delight, proceedings were staged in splendid premises.

“Eleven players, six girls, five boys alongside seven coaches participated in the event which was organized very well and with a lot of heart. There were many practice partners who made it possible to have very good practice for every level of player. All players trained hard and gave always their best.” Eva Jeler

An intense programme, attention paid to detail but there was also time for relaxation and education in a different sphere.

“On the free afternoon the players and coaches visited the Waitomo caves; this was for everyone a wonderful experience which we will not forget.” Eva Jeler

Training concluded; attention turned to the Challenge tournament. One fact that pleased Eva Jeler being that distinct progress amongst the young players was clearly evident.

They say “practice makes perfect”; under the direction of Eva Jeler, the word “perfect” could no doubt be added to the start of the phrase.

Attracting the attention Won Bae and Hannah Go, both from Australia, emerged the respective winners of the boys’ singles and girls’ singles events.

Most importantly, all present were able to witness a high level of play, good news for the North Island, good news for New Zealand.

High Performance and Development Coaching Eva jeler