01 May 2019

Staged in Singapore from Friday 15th to Friday 22nd March, organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, a total of 26 students, 22 men and four women, ages ranging from 19 years to 70 years, attended an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course.

The expert on duty was Eddy Tay, the Senior High Performance Manager for the Singapore Table Tennis Association, a coach of notable experience.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Eddy Tay has been the team manager for the Singapore national team since 2008. Notably since his appointment, Singapore won the women’s title at the Liebherr 2010 World Team Championships in Moscow; in addition he received the Coaching Commendation award in 2003 from the Singapore Sport Council

“It has been a good learning journey for me to be a course conductor. I feel honoured and I am delighted to share my experiences and contribute to table tennis in Singapore.” Eddy Tay

Vast experience in coaching and management for the national team made Eddy Tay the ideal candidate to be an ITTF/PTT Level One coaching course conductor.

All responded to the efforts of Eddy Tay, none more so than Tay Jit Kiat, 24 years old, a former Singapore team youth player.

“I feel the coaching course and the instructor taught me a lot of basic knowledge while keeping it interesting. The para portion was very new to me because I never experienced it before and I feel it is quite challenging. The course was conducted in a very professional way with a lot of knowledge.” Tay Jit Kiat

Likewise former junior international, Yin Jingyuan, 22 years old, was most positive.

“This course allowed me to explore different types of coaching styles. The course conductor was also able to share his vast experience and explain the latest developments in table tennis. I have also learned a lot about the application of sport science in table tennis and various factors to consider when conducting training and competitions which will go a long way to help me to be a better coach. Most importantly, I met other coaches. My instructor, Eddy Tay, shared with me the experiences as a coach and team manager, broadening my horizons.” Yin Jingyuan

Overall, a total of 17 participants passed the course.

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