01 May 2019

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, the Delhi Public School Sonipat in India, was the recent home for and ITTF/PTT Level One course.

Proceedings commenced on Thursday 25th April and concluded on Monday 29th April; the expert on duty was Harpreet Singh, an ITTF Level Three Coach.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Overall, a total of 30 coaches attended, most significantly there was a vast age range, the youngest member being 16 years old, the most senior 60 years of age.

“The Delhi Public School has a distinct focus on table tennis with a world class facility. The school’s table tennis facility is fast becoming famous globally as a high quality table tennis destination and has a name of its own “Pinnacle Table Tennis Academy”. In past the school has produced many junior and senior level champions and boasts names of the many coaches who are Level One and Level Two certified.” Harpreet Singh

The splendid venue at the Delhi Public School (Photo: courtesy of Harpeet Singh)


Supported by Mrs Rajoo Mann, the Chair; the Head of Sport at the Delhi Public School is Dr. Virender Rana, a National Institute of Sports graduate and former table tennis player. He leads a young and dynamic team, focusing very much on the development of the individual whether it be players or coaches.

“When we started to build the table tennis facility, people were ok to have a small facility but we never settle for second best. We ensured that we created one of the best facilities for table tennis in India.” Rajoo Mann

Warm up, preparing to play (Photo: courtesy of Harpeet Singh)


A most successful initiative, it is one that sets a splendid example.

“The Pinnacle Table Tennis Academy in Sonipat has set the standards in India for residential table tennis academies and shown a way for other schools as well how to set up such facilities which will produce champions.” Harpreet Singh

All responded to the efforts of Harpreet Singh in what was a ground breaking venture.

“Even though it was a first time experience for the Delhi Public School to conduct an ITTF/PTT Level One course; the team of Miss. Komal Dhamija, Mr.Ashutosh Sharma and Mr. Mohan from Tenvic were able to pull everything together with great efficiency.” Harpreet Singh

The para element created a great deal of interest (Photo: courtesy of Harpeet Singh)


A fruitful endeavour and one appreciated by M.P. Singh, Secretary General of the Table Tennis Federation of India.

“The Table Tennis Federation of India is committed to encourage such enthusiasm for creating world class table tennis facilities in India, which will enable all players and coaches to have right environment to practice the sport and be the best in the world.” M.P. Singh

Enthusiasm combined with effort was plentiful; it was for all a most rewarding experience.

Demonstration time (Photo: courtesy of Harpeet Singh)
High Performance and Development Coaching Harpreet Singh