01 May 2019

Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa was the recent home for the Central Africa Regional Cadet, Hopes Week and Challenge initiative.

Staged in Mafraland, proceedings commenced on Sunday 21st April and concluded on Sunday 28th April, the expert on duty was Hechmi Abid.

by Ian Marshall, Editor
Notably in addition to the hosts, players and coaches from Burundi, Congo Brazzaville and Gabon attended.

Overall the initiative proved a great success, all the players and coaches responded; the local media taking a great deal of interest in proceedings.

Most notably there were 12 features on television; also, six radio stations in addition to four local newspapers covered the event. In particular,on Sunday 28th April from 3.30 pm to 6.10 pm there was live television coverage.

Present for the occasion was Jean Marie Okouna Olandzobo, President of the African Central Region, as well as President of the Congolese Table Tennis Federation.

It was a great opportunity to discover African talents; thanks are extended to the International Table Tennis Federation, the Africa Table Tennis Federation and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Proceeding concluded with the Challenge tournament, one in which the host nation excelled. Exauce Ngefuasa and Lily Dinanga won the respective cadet boys’ singles and cadet girls’ singles title. Similarly, Malola Fernando secured the under 12 boys’ singles title. The one title to elude the Democratic Republic of the Congo came in the under 21 girls’ singles competition, the event being won by Burundi’s Gateka Yakin.

A busy week, most rewarding and one from which the region has most certainly benefitted; the potential was evident, the task is nurture and develop the unquestioned talent.

The next competition in Kinshasa is the Continental Cadet, Hopes Week and Challenge to be stage at the Pullman Hotel from Saturday 8th to Saturday 15th June.

2019 Central Africa Regional Cadet, Hopes Week and Challenge: Full Results (Sunday 28th April)

High Performance and Development Hechmi Abid.