14 Jun 2019

Represented by Chien Tung-Chuan, Cai Fong-En and Yu Hsiu-Ting, Chinese Taipei secured the junior girls’ team title in Darwin on Sunday 28th April at the 2019 Australian Junior and Cadet Open.

Furthermore they won in style and in so doing thoroughly justified their top seeded position in the competition; most impressively not one single match was surrendered as they strode to victory in a group organized all-play-all event.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Second place finished in the hands of the host nation who selected from Matilda Alexandersson, Oh Sue Bin, Parleen Kaur and Michelle Wu; however, that position was not gained without some heartache.

They were extended the full five match distance by Macau’s Lei Wai Mei and Cheung Pul Man, as they were by Malaysia’s Lim Jing Shuen and Li Ying Im. Lim Jing Shuen and Li Ying Im duly finished in third place, having in their second fixture of the day, recorded a 3-2 win in opposition to Lim Jing Shuen and Li Ying Im.

Backbone of Australian success was Michelle Wu; she remained unbeaten in both contests.

Impressive from Chinese Taipei, in the cadet girls’ team event Hong Kong proved even more impressive. They emerged the dominant force, gold and silver the reward for their efforts.

First place in the initial stage group secured without alarm bells ringing, Phoebe Huai Wai and Yenn Ho Ching beat the combination formed Canada’s Patricia Hui and Malaysia’s Lee Peng Look to reserve their place in the main draw, a 3-0 win being recorded. Similarly in the corresponding semi-final, Chelsea Shiu Lam and Wong Hoi Tung showed no charity when facing the partnership formed by Malaysia’s Low Yu Xuan and Lee Xin Ni.

The final of the cadet girls’ team event will be played on Monday 29th April.

World Junior Circuit 2019 Australian Junior & Cadet Open Chien Tung-Chuan

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