24 Apr 2019

Staged following the 2019 African Youth, Junior and Cadet Championships, the Ghanaian capital city of Accra was the home for the West Africa Regional Hopes, Cadet Week and Challenge; proceedings commenced on Sunday 14th April and concluded on Sunday 21st April.

The expert on duty was Tunisia’s Ramzi Mabrouk.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

A total of 16 players, 11 boys and 5 girls plus five coaches attended; in addition to Ghana, players travelled from Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Most importantly, a detailed schedule was arranged; coaching, coach education and competition forming the three basic elements. Overall six days were allocated to coaching, two days to competition.

“The Regional Challenge for Hopes and Cadets provides opportunities for athletes under 12 and under 15 to practise and to compete. However, the event was not only focused on players, coach education was also a primary aspect of the event.” Ramzi Mabrouk

Coaches in Accra with (second from right) Ramzi Mabrouk (Photo: courtesy of Ramzi Mabrouk)


Notably the gathering was a major opportunity for Paul Tiendrebeogo to become acquainted with everyone, appreciate playing standards, meet coaches and become familiar with all matters regarding organisation and administration.

“Training sessions consisted of fundamental work to ensure consistency, key elements for players’ progression but also considering the techniques of the world’s top level players. During the training sessions, we tried to focus on connecting strokes.” Ramzi Mabrouk

Most certainly the efforts of Ramzi Mabrouk were appreciated by all; none more so than by Nigerian coach, Idiat Adekemi Aderibigbe.

“The week was very beneficial for players as well as for coaches. We had a great programme with quantity and quality. We feel the players improved during this week.” Idiat Adekemi Aderibigbe

Medallists in the Challenge tournament (Photo: courtesy of Ramzi Mabrouk)


Concluding matters, eight players took part in the tournament. Nigeria’s Usman Ishola Okanlawon and Sadiat Alimat Akeem won the respective boys’ singles and girls’ singles events. Meanwhile, Sierra Leone’s Bresford Sawyer Kamara secured cadet boys’ singles gold, the counterpart girls’ singles champion was Ghana’s Eunice Ankamah.

“The training programme was developed in collaboration with the coaches and myself. Undoubtedly, the Nigerians are the best in the region. We had a clear objective to work towards and we designed practices in accordance; we featured multi-ball training. I would like to pay tribute to all coaches who were most conscientious and contributed immensely during discussion sessions.” Ramzi Mabrouk

Co-operation from all concerned, a most successful initiative was the outcome.

The Challenge tournament taking place (Photo: courtesy of Ramzi Mabrouk)
High Performance and Development Ramzi Mabrouk