12 Apr 2019

Part of the creation of a seamless pathway for players between the age groups Under 11 and Under 21 years, ITTF High Performance and Development is proud to present an update to the Hopes Programme.

A building block of the ITTF High Performance pathway, which targets global reach and overall growth of table tennis, the initiative has been extended to cover a three year cycle, including under 13 players; the initiative remains.


Dora Jeler, ITTF High Performance & Development Operations Manager

The number one goal of the Hopes Programme remains to encourage national associations to run Talent Identification Programmes and also to promote and work with young talented players for future success and growth.

In particular, the latest modifications and improvements to the Hopes model will ensure that every Hopes player has a clear High Performance pathway in front of them, with a clear view of the seamless structure of the new High Performance pathways.

ITTF Hopes Programme: The Directives

ITTF Hopes 2019-2020 Infographics: English Version

ITTF Hopes 2019-2020 Infographics: French Version

ITTF Hopes 2019-2020 Infographics: Spanish Version

ITTF Hopes 2019-2020 Infographics: Arabic Version


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