02 Apr 2019

Very much dipping her toes in international waters, it was a testing but successful opening day of play, Monday 1st April, for Nandeshwaree Jalim of Mauritius in the junior girls’ team event at the 2019 Ghana Junior and Cadet Open in Accra.

Partnering India’s more experienced Diya Parag Chitale, the duo made a successful start to their campaign in an event comprising five teams competing on an all play all basis.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Just one fixture completed on the first day of play, a 3-1 win was recorded in opposition to the host nation combination formed by Augustina Baidoo and Matilda Fodu; the one defeat experienced was that suffered by Nandeshwaree Jalim at the hands of Augustina Baidoo in the second match of the fixture. She was beaten in five games (11-13, 11-9, 11-9, 9-11, 11-8).

Wiser for the experience; Diya Parag Chitale is wiser for a whole host of experiences on the international scene, it showed. She proved the backbone of her team’s success; she accounted for both Matilda Fodu (11-3, 11-6, 11-4) and Augustina Baidoo (11-5, 9-11, 11-8, 11-7), whilst partnering Nandeshwaree Jalim to doubles success (12-14, 13-11, 11-5, 11-6).

Success for Diya Parag Chitale and Nandeshwaree Jalim; likewise, Nigeria’s Vivian Oku and Rofiat Jimoh emerged successful on their one visit to the table in the junior girls’ team competition. They recorded a 3-0 win in opposition to the Congo Democratic duo formed by Gloria Dianda and Davina Luzolo.

Meanwhile, in the cadet girls’ team competition where there were two groups in the initial phase of play, as in the junior event, there was success for India. Ananya Chande partnered England’s Ruby Chan to first place in the group.

Likewise, there was also success for Nigeria; similar to Ananya Chande and Ruby Chan, the Nigerian combination of Lily Dinanga and Julie Kayembe, secured first place in their group without surrendering a single individual match.

Play in the junior girls’ team and cadet girls’ team events conclude on Tuesday 2nd April.

World Junior Circuit 2019 Ghana Junior & Cadet Open Diya Parag Chitale Nandeshwaree Jalim

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