27 Mar 2019

Located on the Mediterranean coast, equidistant between Rome and Naples, from Saturday 9th to Monday 18th March, Formia was the host for the first ever under 15 and under 18 training camp organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development.

Staged in the premises of the Italian Olympic Centre, the host nation’s Massimo Costantini, the ITTF High Performance Manager, was the head coach.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The schedule comprised three sessions per day, a light activity before breakfast, followed by one session in the morning and, with the exception of two occasions when members were offered a sightseeing tour of Rome, a further afternoon session was organised.

“It offered the opportunity for full immersion into a mindset focused on training.” Massimo Costantini

Overall 18 sessions were staged over the 10 day period in premises that proved ideal; athletes from a range of sports being in attendance throughout the year. Thus those present were totally immersed in the ethos of sport, a fact that gave the training camp an extra impetus.

“The aim of the training camp was to prepare the players for the upcoming ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italian Junior and Cadet Open. The schedule was split into three parts, the first featuring consistency training with a focus on footwork, the second part incorporated the elements of the previous part along with introducing the element of tactics. A third part added free individual drills, chosen by coaches and players.” Massimo Costantini.

In addition, matches and two educational seminars were held, the first focusing on technique, the second on an understanding of strength and conditioning.

An educational seminar takes place (Photo: courtesy of Massimo Costantini)


The efforts of Massimo Costantini were greatly appreciated, especially by national coaches, India’s Anshul Garg and Croatia’s Darko Arapovic.

“This kind of camp will give immense support to the world’s top level players to develop their game much faster. The Centro Di Preparazione Olimpca Di Formia was a fantastic experience for me, excellent sports ambiance, like sport is flowing in the air.” Anshul Garg

“The main benefit of these training sessions is a good group, individual training, physical preparation and themed lessons, where players and coaches can improve their knowledge and skills.” Darko Arapovic

A most successful initiative; thanks go to the Italian Table Tennis Federation and the Italian Olympic Centre for their organisation, hospitality and warm welcome.

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