25 Mar 2019

Organised from Sunday 17th to Thursday 21st March, an enthusiastic group of nine students from throughout Europe attended a Para Classification Seminar in Platja d’Aro in conjunction with the Para Costa Brava Open.

The lecturers were Serbia’s Romana Romanov and Ingrid Van Veldhoven-Hegge of the Netherlands.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Course members included coaches, former players, paramedics and those with a medical backgrounds; proceedings commencing with theory sessions on the first two days.

Attention was paid to the history of Para sport, how the classification system was inaugurated and how it has developed over time. Later, the subjects of anatomy, impairments and how to complete tests were addressed.

A lecture takes place (Photo: courtesy of Romana Romanov)


Theory completed, 11 new players who had entered the Para Costa Brava Open were classified; the course members being involved in many discussions as to the class which should be advised. Eventually agreements were reached.

Assessments completed, watching players compete was the order of proceedings; all members showed a great deal of interest, on the concluding day views were exchanged as to whether the correct class had been attributed; basically everyone learned from each other. The adage was underlined, talk about each other and you move backwards, talk to each other and you move forward; in Costa Brava the movement was forward.

Ready to put theory into practice (Photo: courtesy of Romana Romanov)


All the members received certificates, the initiative concluding with everyone meeting for a social occasion, the odd drink to celebrate.

Now the task is to move to the next stage and organize one step higher, a Level Two seminar is next on the agenda.

Study the order of proceedings (Photo: courtesy of Romana Romanov)
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