13 Feb 2019

The destination the largest country in Africa in terms of size, the Algerian Table Tennis Federation recently hosted an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course; proceedings commenced on Monday 24th December and concluded on Friday 28th December.

Venue for the whole itinerary was the Centre for the Preparation of Talents and Sports Elites in the capital city of Algiers. Overall 19 men and five women attended.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Currently the coach for the Algerian national team, the expert on duty was Lazazi Brahim; he qualified as a course conductor having attended the relevant meetings under the direction of Egypt’s Ahmed El Dawlatly, one of the most experienced instructors in the field of development.

“As the instructor of this course, I enjoyed working with the candidates. It was great to see the diversity, especially the reaction of the five female participants. The group of candidates possessed a high level of technical knowledge and awareness. The majority of candidates were former players; this created an exchange of ideas and a collaborative learning environment for candidates and instructor.” Lazazi Brahim

Multi-ball was featured (Photo: courtesy of Lazazi Brahim)


A positive learning environment, Lazazi Brahim was delighted with the reaction from the students under his care.

“All sessions ran smoothly in terms of the organization, attendance and technical knowledge. It was great to see a high number of former players continuing to learn and advance their knowledge and careers. The course followed the framework of the ITTF Level One Manual.” Lazazi Brahim

A Para session in progress (Photo: courtesy of Lazazi Brahim)


Overall, the initiative proved most successful, a total of 21 course members gained the necessary standard for ITTF/PTT Level One certification and must now complete 30 hours of coaching, five under supervision, in order to gain the qualification. The remaining three students gained Club Coach certification.

Proceedings concluded with Chérif Darkaoui, President of Algerian Table Tennis Federation and Redouan El Chérif the Vice President of the Palestinian Table Tennis Federation presenting the candidates.

Members of the Algeria Table Tennis Federation supported the initiative (Photo: courtesy of Lazazi Brahim)
High Performance and Development Coaching Lazazi Brahim