15 Jan 2019

Qualification criteria and World Ranking points revealed for the upcoming T2Diamond events in 2019.

T2Diamond has confirmed the qualification criteria for its three Men’s and Women’s Singles  to be staged in 2019, following ratification by the International Table Tennis Federation’s executive committee.

The T2Diamond events will feature the world’s best players, a total prize purse of USD 1.5 million, and a progressive competition format that creates a fresh and bold entertainment experience for table tennis athletes and fans across the globe.


Three T2Diamond events are scheduled during 2019, to take place on the following dates:

18-21 July (after the ITTF Australian Open), 26-29 Sept (after Czech Open) and 28 Nov-1 Dec (after Austrian Open).

Player qualification will be based on their ITTF World Tour Standings, ensuring the world’s best table tennis players will qualify. The top 15 men and 15 women will be invited to compete in each T2Diamond event based on the World Tour Standings at specific qualification cut-off dates:

3 June for Event 1 (after China Open), 15 July for Event 2 (after Australian Open) and 14 October for Event 3 (after German Open).

Additionally, two nominations (1 men’s & 1 women’s) will be granted to each Host City or Venue Partner as a “Host Exemption”.

Players will earn World Ranking Points, which directly impacts the ITTF World Ranking Standings. These points are awarded as a bonus, in addition to the top 8 results determined by the ITTF World Rankings.


“With the impressive prize money and bonus World Ranking Points at stake, T2Diamond will definitely be an event all players would be looking to participate in, especially prior to the lead up towards the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.”

Vladimir Samsonov, former world ranked no 1 player

“T2 strives to be the catalyst for change and fully embraces innovation and new ideas. With this progressive competition format, I hope that T2 is able to raise the profile of table tennis so that the true beauty of this remarkable sport can be appreciated by a wider global audience.”

Jeff Chue, T2 Diamond CEO & Commissioner

T2Diamond gives the ITTF the perfect opportunity to test creative innovations, pushing the boundaries of the sport. This will open up the commercial potential for table tennis, and we’re excited to see what else we can bring to the table.”

Steve Dainton, ITTF CEO

In 2017, T2 introduced for the first time ever in professional table tennis, a time-limited match format, and a single table set-up within an intimate competition arena designed to heighten player and audience experience in the venue.

The venues for the 2019 T2Diamond events will be announced shortly.

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