16 Dec 2018

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, located in the south eastern Caribbean, the spice island of Grenada was the recent home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Coaches Course; proceedings commenced on Monday 10th December and concluded on Friday 14th December.

The expert on duty was Jamaica Peter Kavanaugh; thus for the first time a national of the Caribbean was leading a course when not staged in his own country.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Overall 20 students attended of whom seven were female; the venue for the whole itinerary being the Grenada Youth and Recreational Centre situated in the capital St. George’s.

Throughout, the focus of attention was directed towards youth, a fact Peter Kavanaugh stressed at the Opening Ceremony.

“I am here today because the International Table Tennis Federation and the Latin American Table Tennis Union believes in youth development as one of the main planks in getting Grenada going again and of course having qualified coaches is the way to go,” Peter Kavanaugh

A full schedule, Kent Joseph, the President of the Grenada Table Tennis Association, encouraged all to make the best use of the opportunity in an effort to promote the sport in the island.

“I wish to thank both the International Table Tennis Federation and the Latin American Table Tennis Union for enabling us to have this very important opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our children and country.” Kent Joseph

It is to some extent a question of rebuilding, Ray Roberts, the General Secretary of the Grenada Table Tennis Association highlighted the fact that in the past table tennis was one of the leading sports in the island and those days could once again return if an effective organizational structure was established.

“All of you here have a role to play in making this possible and your presence here today is an indication that we are heading in the right direction.” Ray Roberts

Overall, ten sessions each three hours in duration was conducted over the five days, encompassing both theoretical and practical topics for able bodied as well as for Para athletes. Notably on the Tuesday afternoon, young aspiring table tennis players from a local school attended, an ideal opportunity to put theory into practice.

Furthermore, one day later, Grenadian Para athlete, Ronnewl Murrell was a welcome guest; his presence added to the occasion.

All responded to the efforts of Peter Kavanaugh, positive comments in particular from course members Trevor Raeburn, Arsha Wellington and Pastor David Mckenzie represented the opinions of the group.

“Coach Peter’s friendly personality made it easy to learn, he is very good at teaching, I will practise, practise, practise; thank you to the International Table Tennis Federation and the Latin American Table Tennis Union.” Trevor Raeburn

“As a beginner with table tennis I found all aspects useful to me; it will assist me in the development of the sport.” Arsha Wellington.

“Mr Kavanaugh’s hands on approach, sense of humor and going the extra mile to help has been invaluable to me as a future coach and to my personal development as a player.” David Mckenzie

The course was supported by Excell Plaza who provided clothing for coaches, the Ministry of Sport assisted by providing meals and necessary support items; overall 19 students gained the required pass mark.

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