12 Dec 2018

A successful endeavour concluded in the Peruvian capital city of Lima; a break of just two days and it was back to action for Venezuela’s Luisana Perez; she travelled some 630 miles south to the heights of Arequipa, some 2,300 metres above sea level.

The task, once again organized under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, was to conduct a second ITTF/PTT Level One Course; proceedings commenced on Monday 3rd December and concluded on Friday 7th December.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Overall, a total of 17 men and two women attended the 30 hour programme, two sessions per day, staged in the Yanahuara Municipality Gymnasium; the theme for the itinerary being “Breaking Barriers with Table Tennis Balls”.

Throughout, Luisana Perez focused on teaching the principles of coaching; the need for sound foundations, whilst explaining the important role science plays in sport.

“It is essential for coaches to understand the responsibility they have in the development of a player; if technique is taught thoroughly paying due regard to physical growth in a positive environment, the future is promising. The responsibility is great and you have to be aware of it. The ourse has allowed me to share this awareness process.” Luisana Perez

Most certainly the efforts of Luisana Perez were appreciated and well received, especially by Gabriel Risco, at 22 years of age one of the youngest members of the group.

“I learned many important things. I played table tennis when I was a kid. Many said I had a great talent as a player but I turned away from table tennis because of many problems in my youth. Now I have come back to table tennis with the idea of being a good coach. Now I’m a Club Coach and I work here at the municipal gym. I will continue to strive to improve every day. For me the course was very short. I would have liked it not to end. Table tennis has changed my life; I want to teach other children, to give them an opportunity as table tennis gave me.” Gabriel Risco

Notably, the course brings to end the coaching activities or the Peruvian Table Tennis Federation for the year.

Course members were from Peru: Eduardo Velasquez, Ursula Rodriguez, Jayro Merma, Helard Mendoza, Amador Nuñez, Ezio Scottini, Cesar de la Cruz, Gerardo Avendaño, Jorge Cave, Gabriel Risco, Alejandro Tapia, Rodrigo Mayta, Edilberto Carnero, Nicholas Velasquez, Miguel Pino, Duverly Castro, Renzo Cabrera and Christian Escobedo. In addition Peker Colautti from Venezuela attended.

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