02 Dec 2018

Impressive performances, Argentina and Indonesia dominated matters as play commenced in the Men’s Team events at the 2018 Copa Tango in Buenos Aires on Saturday 1st December.

Notably in the wheelchair categories for the host nation it was a most fruitful day.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Two groups in the opening phase of play in Class 2-3, the top seeded combination formed by Gabriel Copola, Rolando Loustric and Carlos Bienati secured first place in their group, as did the second seeded Chilean outfit of Luis Bustamente Flores, Alfonso Diaz Angel and Carlos Torres.

Meanwhile, in Class 4-5, likewise the top seeds, Elias Romero and Mauro Depergola reserved first place as expected; however, in the corresponding group there was a surprise. The second seeded pairing of Uruguay’s Gonzalo Acosta and Ecuador’s Carlos Camacho, experienced a two-one defeat at the hands of the duo comprising Indonesia’s Adyos Astan and Canada’s Peter Isherwood.

However, for Gonzalo Acosta and Carlos Camacho; it was their only defeat, thus a semi-final place was reserved. Adyos Astan and Peter Isherwood remained unbeaten to top the group.

Success for Argentina in the wheelchair categories, there was also success in the standing events. In Class 6-7, a group organized competition, Aleksy Kaniuka and Pablo Ferro ended the day the only unbeaten team. One fixture remaining, providing they arrive at the table, they are assured of the title.

Meanwhile, in the remaining standing categories, Indonesia is to the fore. In a group organized event, the partnership of Leonardo Aritonang and Abdul Malik Abdullah remains the only unbeaten team.
They meet Canada’s Ian Kent and Curtis Caron in their concluding encounter; the outcome will decide the title but the odds heavily favour the Indonesians. Earlier in the day Ian Kent and Curtis Caron experienced a two-nil defeat at the hands of Ecuador’s Paul Polo and Gabriel Salazar, an outfit Leonardo Aritonang and Abdul Malik Abdullah beat by the same score line.

Similarly in Class 9-10, the Indonesian formation of David Jacobs, Komet Akbar and Kusnanto remains unbeaten in a group organized event; one fixture remaining, they face stiff opposition, they confront the Chilean partnership of Manuel Echaveguren and Alvaro Vega, likewise hitherto unbeaten.

Play in Buenos Aires concludes on Sunday 2nd December.

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