30 Nov 2018

They are the fourth seeds but make no mistake they are the clear favourites to retain the title won one year ago in Riva del Garda and to succeed for no less than 14th time since the event was first staged in 2003 in the Chilean capital city of Santiago.

In Bendigo, in the Girls’ Team event at the 2018 World Junior Championships, which commence on Sunday 2nd December, the outfit to beat is China.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Qian Tianyi and Shi Xunyao remain from last year’s successful team, the newcomers are Guo Yuhan and Huang Fanzhen but none are newcomers to success; quite simply, the record on this year’s international scene underlines the fact.

Notably Guo Yuhan won the Under 21 Women’s Singles title at the ITTF Challenge Series DPR Korea Open but it is principally on the ITTF World Junior Circuit where their names have been the most prevalent. Furthermore, predominantly when they have lost, they have tended to lose to each other!

Shi Xunyao, the winner of the Girls’ Singles title at the Sun International 2016 World Junior Championships in Cape Town, beat Qian Tianyi in the finals in Hong Kong and Poland, in the Czech Republic she accounted for Huang Fanzhen. In addition she also won in China, on that occasion beating colleague Chen Yi in the final; overall a total of five ITTF World Junior Circuit appearances, the only defeat was in France, when losing at the semi-final stage to Puerto Rico’s Adriana Diaz.

Meanwhile, for Qian Tianyi, in addition to her confrontations with Shi Xunyao, she beat Huang Fanzhen in the final in Italy but lost in Thailand. Two defeats at the hands of Shi Xunyao but Qian Tianyi has enjoyed success against her colleague; she prevailed in the Junior Girls’ Singles final in Myanmar in August at the Asian Junior and Cadet Championships.

Such is the strength of China and I wonder in one year’s time will we see any member of the team on duty at the highest level on the senior stage? Last year Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu completed the team; this year they are competing in the Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. Next year?

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