22 Nov 2018

Name the country that leads the field in Latin America, extend that the whole of Pan America and very much the name to note is that of Brazil.

However, there is much more to the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation (CBTM) than just achieving excellence in the international arena, a wide range of activities take place and take please successfully, the major reason is that under the leadership of Alaor Azevedo, good governance is in place; a fact recently recognized.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

On Wednesday 21st November in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation was named the second best confederation in governance practices by Sou do Esporte; only sailing finished ahead.

Notably it is the fourth consecutive year when the Confederation had been listed amongst the top five sporting organizations in the awards.

“It is very important; as we are increasingly motivating Brazilian sports leaders to adopt the best practices, not in a punitive way, as in the case of legislation, but in a positive way. We at CBTM are very happy with this recognition and we promise to work even harder to evolve in 2019.” Geraldo Campestrini

The silver medal reflects the progress made by the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation, the organization continually seeking to comply in total with strict management and governance policies. In 2015, fifth place was the end result in the ranked order; in 2016 and 2017, third position was outcome.

Sou do Esporte is a non-profit organization whose aim is to create positive relationships between athletes and sports organisations, as well as involving the public and private sectors of business. A high priority is placed on ethics, transparency, teamwork and responsibility; it is the only such organization in Latin America.

Presented by Marco La Porta, Vice President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, in the absence of Alaor Azevedo, the award was received Geraldo Campestrini, the Chief Executive Officer if the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation.

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