22 Nov 2018

Located on the banks of the Mediterranean, the Israeli city of Netanya was the home for a recent Coaches Seminar.

Organised under auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, in liaison with the National Association Assistance Programme administered by the European Table Tennis Union, the four days itinerary commenced on Monday 12th November and concluded on Thursday 15th November.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Managed locally by Zeka Rathaus Raz from the Wingate Institute Sport Centre, the expert on duty was Neven Cegnar, the ETTU Development Manager; he conducted a most extensive course, one which addressed both accepted and innovative coaching techniques.

A major focus of the itinerary was the teaching of young players, theory and practical sessions each lasting two hours were staged. Notably, new approaches, understanding the nature of materials that have appeared on the market in recent years were addressed, in order that coaching at both a basic and advanced level was effective.

Equally, the consequences of various changes to rules and regulations that have been instigated in the last two decades were addressed and their effect on coaching discussed.

Furthermore attention was paid to the fact that each player is an individual and thus styles of play need to be considered carefully, a balance on technical compared with tactical elements being considered.

Also, the value of various training techniques, including the use of multi-ball were addressed and the lengths of time that should be considered for players to gain the greatest benefit. Significantly, a major aspect of discussion was the roles required of players, coaches and parents.

“After a four day professional table tennis seminar we can say that the seminar was a big success and an enriching experience for all coaches and active members of table tennis community in Israel. Neven’s professional knowledge, his professional approach and his passion for table tennis was very impressive. It was really inspiring to watch and listen to Neven talking and explaining table tennis; he managed to do all that with his big smile and great modesty. I enjoyed every minute. I hope that Neven’s professional approach will penetrate deep into the activities of many clubs in Israel.” Zeka Rathaus Raz

Neven Cegnar has been requested to return in 2020.

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