13 Nov 2018

Earlier in the year in August, Khalil Al-Mohannadi, the ITTF Deputy President and President of the Qatar Table Tennis Association, was present with local dignitaries for a Pharaoh Cruising Restaurant on the River Nile.

Notably the itinerary included a visit to the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramids of Giza; just as with the journey along famous river, in front of historic backdrops, the innovative TTX was played. It was without doubt an occasion for all.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

More recently on Tuesday 6th November, another celebrated monument was the setting for TTX and once again Khalil Al-Mohannadi was centre stage.

Built by the Romans towards the end of the First Century, the Carthage Amphitheatre, later rebuilt by Julius Caesar and a favourite destination in the Middle Ages for travellers, was the venue in question.

Members of the Tunisian Table Tennis Federation and guests at the innovative event (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)


A UNESCO World Heritage site, the event was organized by the Tunisia Table Tennis Federation on the occasion of the 30th Arab Club Championships.

“We are proud to host the TTX event in the historical city of Carthage because TTX being the future of table tennis needs to connect with history and we hope the initiative will continue to expand as Africa hosts the second TTX this year,” Khalil Al-Mohannadi

Similar to the gathering in Cairo, two of Africa’s leading players, tried their skills. Ahmed Ali Saleh and El-Sayed Lashin confronted each other at opposite ends of the table; their presence added to a most colourful and well-received occasion.

Ahmed Ali Saleh (left) and (right) El-Sayed Lashin try their skills (Photo: courtesy of Olalekan Okusan)
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