10 Nov 2018

First place in the qualification stage group for the top seeds, the Russian combination of Maksim Grebnev, Lev Katsman and Vladimir Sidorenko but on Friday 9th November in the Junior Boys’ Team event at the 2018 Hungarian Junior and Cadet Open in Szombathely surprises rather than the expected proved the norm.

Eight groups in the opening phase of proceedings, an event in which only first place ensured progress to the quarter-finals, just three groups witnessed top spot for the favourites.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The combination of Ireland’s Owen Cathcart, alongside the Japanese duo of Aoto Asazu and Takeru Kashiwa, the no.2 seeds, secured first place in their group, as did the no.4 seeds, the French outfit formed by Lilian Bardet, Vincent Picard and Fabio Rakotoarimanana.

In the reaming five groups it was surprise upon surprise.

Occupying the no.3 seeded position the combination of Uladzislau Rukliatsou of Belarus alongside Brazil’s Guilherme Teodoro and Mexico’s Layan Neumann finished in third place in their group. Romania’s Iulian Chirita, Dragos Florin Oprea and Mihai Zamfir ended matters in first place ahead of Poland’s Szymon Kolasa, Maciej Kubik and Jan Zandecki.

Meanwhile, for the no.5 seeds, Chile’s Nicolas Burgos, Gustavo Castillo and Andres Martinez, a three-nil defeat at the hands of China’s Cao Yantao, Liu Yebo and Xiong Mengyang meant runners up spot, the Chinese trio remaining unbeaten.

Likewise, the no.6 seeds, Chinese Taipei’s Tai Ming-Wei, Chen Jun-Ting and Lin Yun-Chih experienced a three-nil reverse when facing Germany’s Kirill Fadeev, Kay Stumper and Daniel Rinderer; a situation that applied also to the no.7 seeds, Hungary’s Csaba Andras, Patrik Juhasz and Oliver Both. They suffered at the hands of Belgium’s Adrien Rassenfosse, Olav Kosolosky and Nicolas Degros.

Unexpected first positions for Germany and Belgium; it was the same for the Spanish combination of Alberto Lillo, Francisco Miguel Ruiz and Marc Gutierrez. They recorded a three-one win in opposition to the no.8 seeds, the international formation of Serbia’s Dimitrije Levajac who joined forces with Nicholas Tio and Michael Minh Tran of the United States.

Proceedings in the Junior Girls’ Team event conclude on Saturday 10th November.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Hungarian Junior & Cadet Open Vladimir Sidorenko Lev Katsman Maksim Grebnev

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