25 Oct 2018

A multi-purpose sports facility, located some 16 miles to the east of San José, the capital of the Central American country of Costa Rica, the Polideportivo de Cartago was the home for a recent Referees Course.

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, the initiative was staged on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October; the expert on duty was the host nation’s Silvia Garro.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Overall, 11 students attended, seven men and four women. Two members, one man and one woman, being from foreign shores; Roxana Carranza travelled from El Salvador, Ruben Oviedo from Honduras.

Most impressively ten members achieved the required marks to pass the course; two gaining 100 per cent in the examination, Andrea Arguedas and Arturo Silesky Soto.

“There were two families on the course. Andrea Arguedas and her husband Alejandro Castro, both of them are always helping with the computer at tournaments. The other family was Arturo Silesky, Rosario, his wife and Arturo his son. The son is a player and he says that he is interested in being a coach someday and that these topics are as important for coaches, as they are for referees. Also he always helps to umpire at tournaments. Arturo, the father and Rosario are always helping to organize the field of play for the tournaments and lead the volunteers. Arturo, the father, has just passed the International Umpires exam this year.” Silvia Garro

A successful response for what proved a very intense course; each day it was start at 9.00 am and finish at 7.00 pm.

“I really enjoy teaching, especially when the students are so interested in the subject. Some of the students were a little nervous during the exam because they really wanted to pass. Also, it was nice to teach the course at my home town, so both days we dedicated some time to show Roxana and Ruben around the city. We let them try some of the local cuisine. Ruben being catholic, wanted to go to the Basilica de los Angeles, so we organised during lunch time.” Silvia Garro

Overall the response was most positive, the universal comment being that all the participants would have preferred and extra day to learn about problems that may arise at a tournament and how they can be solved.

The participants were: Richard Jimenez, Alejandro Castro, Andrea Arguedas, Rosario Hernandez, Arturo Silesky Soto, Arturo Silesky Hernandez, Ruben Oviedo, Roxana Carranza, Maria José Avalos, Alejandro Morales and Dhruva Martinez.

Costa Rice - 2018 ITTF Referee Course

High Performance and Development Silvia Garro