13 Oct 2018

A career high in February 2002, listed in second spot on the Women’s World Rankings, sandwiched between Olympic gold medallists and World champions Wang Nan and Zhang Yining; the following year becoming the only player since 1993 to gain a place on the Women’s Singles podium at a World Championships when she secured bronze in Paris; a further award, one of a different nature has been bestowed on Tamara Boros

Most recently she graduated at the Faculty of Kinesiology University of Split, Croatia.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Under the mentorship of Professor Goran Munivrana, Tamara Boros has received a Master’s Degree in Sports Coaching, specialising in table tennis: the award follows a thesis entitled: Characteristics of basic playing systems in the modern table tennis women’s game.

Born in Senta in what is now Serbia, following the outbreak of war in the region, she moved to Croatia in 1993; since that time, until her retirement from international play in 2012, Neven Cegnar has always been her coach, an advisor with whom she continues to liaise but in a different role.

“Tami is someone as both a table tennis player and a person, who for as long as I may live, has my full respect. I’m quite sure that Tami has a great base to make a great coaching career at the same level, or even better than her playing performance. Also the way she played and now the way she coaches is a great source of motivation for all young players in Europe. I’m really proud of her achievements in he past 25 years of our co-operation.” Neven Cegnar

Notably, Tamara Boros, a member of the first generation of students in the project, she is the first to graduate from the group that started three years ago at the Faculty of Kinesiology University of Split.

“Congratulations Tamara!” Goran Muniravna

The programme was initiated in co-operation with International Table Tennis Federation and European Table Tennis Union; both organisations have supported a great number of students to follow the programme by providing scholarship opportunities to help their endeavours.

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