11 Oct 2018

Play underway in the Women’s Team events at the 2018 Asian Para Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday 11th October, the top seeded outfits all made successful starts to their campaigns for honours.

It was only amongst the second seeded combinations that there were any upsets.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In Class 8-10, the Chinese outfit comprising Mao Jingdian, Wang Rui and Huang Wenjuan suffered a surprise two-nil defeat at the hands of Chinese Taipei’s Lin Tzu-Yu and Tian Shiau-Wen, having in their opening contest, by the same margin accounted for the East Timor partnership formed by Ines Oliveira Pires and Adelina da Conceicao.

Ines Oliveira Pires and Adelina da Conceicao now meet Lin Tzu-Yu and Tian Shiau-Wen in the concluding group stage fixture.

Conversely, there were no such problems for the top seeds; also from China, Xiong Guiyan and Fan Lei secured top position in their group, thus reserving a semi-final place. They recorded a two matches to nil win against Kazakhstan’s Kamilla Issayeva and Balziya Tash, followed by the same margin of victory in opposition to Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Hoa Phuong and Viet Thi Kim Van.

Similarly, in Class 11 there were problems for the second seeds. In a group organised event, the Japanese outfit comprising Nanako Hazemaya, Yumi Ono and Harumi Kimura, witnessed a two matches to nil defeat when facing Indonesia’s Ana Widyasari and Lola Amalia.

Earlier Ana Widyasari and Lola Amalia had experienced a two-nil reverse when confronting the top seeded Hong Kong outfit formed by Ng Mui Wui, Wong Ka Man and Li Hui Ting; Nanako Hazemaya, Yumi Ono and Harumi Kimura had by the same margin as which they experienced the loss, accounted for Macao’s Choi Nok Lo and Mok Nui Yam.

Defeats for the second seeds contrary to expectations; for the other second seeded team to lose it was as predicted; China’s Xue Juan and Li Qian experienced a two-one defeat in Class 2-5 at the hands of colleagues Zhang Bian and Zhou Ying, the top seeds.

Problems for second seeded outfits, in Class 6-7, for both the top seeds and the second seeds, it was a day without defeat. Korea’s Kim Seongok and Lee Kunwoo remained unbeaten as did Macao’s U Choi Hong and Lam Oi Man.

Play in the Women’s Team events conclude on Saturday 13th October.

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