09 Oct 2018

Play in the main draw yet to start but in the Women’s Singles events not decided on Monday 8th October, the leading names are very much on course for final places.

Notably China’s Zhang Bian, Mao Jingdian and Fan Lei, all top seeds in their categories, completed their group stage matches unbeaten and have thus reserved second stage places, a situation that also applies to the Korea Republic’s Lee Kunwoo.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Competing in Class 5, Zhang Bian is the one player who has finished her itinerary of matches; second place lies in the hands of Chinese Taipei’s Wei Mei-Hui and Hong Kong’s Wong Pui Yi, they meet in the concluding group stage contest.

Progress assured for Zhang Bian, it is the same in the corresponding group for colleague, Pan Jiamin; she remains unbeaten as does the player she will face to determine first position; she confronts Jordan’s Khetam Abuawad, the no.2 seed. In all Para events where there are two stages, players finishing in first and second positions in each group advance; both Khetam Abuawad and Pan Jiamin are assured main draw positions.

Likewise in Class 6, Lee Kunwoo experienced few problems as she secured pole position; for Iraq’s Suhair Abdulameer Al-Jannat, the no.2 seed, life was very different. She was beaten by both East Timor’s Pascoela Dos Santos Pereira (11-6, 11-3, 11-9) and by Macao’s Lam Oi Man (11-2, 11-9, 11-6). Both Pascoela Dos Santos Pereira and Lam Oi Man are through to the main draw; they meet to decide first place.

Top spot assured for Lee Kunwoo, it is the same in Class 8 for Mao Jingdian, as it is for Josephine Medina of the Philippines, the no.2 seed. However, for Indonesia’s Suwarti Suwarti and Hamida Hamida, the respective third and fourth seeds, they had to settle for second places. Respective top spots were secured by Yuri Tomono and China’s Huang Wenjuan.

Few problems for Mao Jingdian; it was the same for Fan Lei in Class 10. First place in the group secured; it is a scenaio that also applies to Chinese Taipei’s Lin Tzu-Yu, the no.3 seed but not for China’s Zhao Xiaojing, the no.2 seed and also from China. She had to settle for second place behind Chinese Taipei’s Lin Tzu-Yu.

Success for the top seeds, similarly in Class 7 with one match still to play Korea Republic’s Kim Seongok remains unbeaten as, in the corresponding group, does China’s Wang Rui, the no.2 seed. Equally, in Class 9, conducted on a group basis; China’s Xiong Guiyan and Korea Republic’s Kim Kunhea, the top two names, remain unbeaten.

The individual Women’s Singles individual events conclude on Tuesday 9th October.

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