02 Nov 2018

Staged in Markham, a city located in the Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario, Canada; a two day refresher seminar for officials and other interested parties was held recently on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September.

Organised under the umbrella of ITTF High Performance and Development, the venue for the whole itinerary was the Pan American Games Center.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

A well-received initiative, the course included two members from each of British Columbia and Saskatchewan, one from Manitoba and one from Nova Scotia plus three from Quebec and no less than 14 from the host province of Ontario.

The expert on duty was the host nation’s Joe Fisher.

“Participants were actively involved with the rules and regulations through discussion, role play, engaging activities, short quizzes and on court practice. The second day of the course involved participants in teams, setting up the “perfect” conditions for players who would be engaged in the Canadian Para Nationals and Canada Cup; these are both high level events for the best players in the country. Participants on the course were expected to ensure that their preparation of their assigned court met expectations.” Joe Fisher

Most importantly from all concerned there was a most positive response.

“I have gained in depth knowledge and experience on umpiring. I improve my knowledge on fixing the net assembly which I can never find in a book. The practical aspects that are included in the refresher course are reminding both experienced and novice officials the expectations associated with a professional delivery of our sport to all players.” Joseph Tsui

Successful and successful thanks to the co-operation of all concerned.

“In closing, the following groups must be congratulated for their foresight in offering the course, the International Table Tennis Federation and Table Tennis Canada; their partnership and positivity for the inclusion of this event during one of their internal prestigious events made it possible, thank you.” Joe Fisher

A most successful initiative, an important step in raising standards completed.

High Performance and Development Umpires and Referees Joe Fisher