22 Sep 2018

Travelling from very different parts of the world, players from both South America and Asia are most welcome competitors at the three day 2018 Czech Para Open in Ostrava, which commenced on Thursday 20th September.

Notably six players have travelled from Chile, no less than 21 from Japan.

by Ian Marshall, Editor (Interviews by Clara Riddellova)

The Chilean delegation is led by their coach, Cristian Carrasco, not only is he pleased with the efforts of his players; also he is most appreciative with the progress that is being made in the world of Para table tennis.

“Since I’ve started working with the National Paralympic Team in 2011, the conditions have significantly improved; that can be observed from our players’ performances. We are better prepared; we now have a physiotherapist, special coach for physical conditioning and of course table tennis specialists. Now Para sport is perceived very differently. We’re getting a lot of support and the number of sponsors is still rising.” Cristian Carrasco

It is the second time that Chile has participated in the Czech Para Open; they were present in 2015; gradually by being able to compete in international tournaments, their horizons are widening and growing.

“Our accomplishments at the Pan American Games allowed us to widen our team for the upcoming World Championship in Slovenia. The main goal for Tokyo is to have standing players as well as wheelchair players competing; also to have more female players. Overall we have a great team.” Cristian Carrasco

Equally, Cristian Carrasco is delighted with the reception received in Ostrava.

“I appreciate the close relationship I have built with the Director of the tournament, Petr Stanicek, the organisation committee and other staff members. Accommodation, transport and everything else is tremendous; the venue meets the required standard.” Cristian Carrasco

Similarly Sanae Kashima, the leader of the Japanese delegation was most positive. He has very definite goals.

“The Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo in two years’ time; we would like our sportsmen to be well prepared for the prestigious event. The reason why we brought so many players is that we want them to observe the European style of play and strategies.” Sanae Kashima

Notably, attention is being paid to every detail, nothing is left to chance.

“We keep video records so we can show every player the mistakes they make; then we can discuss their faults and the way they can eliminate them. On the other hand, we can also spot their strong points. However, recording a player’s performance is nothing new in the world of sport. Players must have the drive to improve themselves and that is essential. If they continue to put in the effort the results will show eventually.” Sanae Kashima

A most thorough and professional approach and like Cristian Carrasco, Sana Kashima is delighted with the reception received in Ostrava.

“The organisation is great. Not only the tournament itself but also the transportation, accommodation and all things concerned; we like Ostrava and we are glad that we came.” Sanae Kashima

Play in Ostrava concludes on Saturday 22md September.

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