22 Sep 2018

First position in the initial phase group, the only option to secure a place in the main draw in the Junior Boys’ Team event at the 2018 Serbia Junior and Cadet Open in Belgrade, the top four seeds all enjoyed a successful day; progress to the second stage was secured.

However, the fifth and sixth seeded outfits stumbled; they stumbled at the hands of China.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The host nation represented by Dimitrije Levajac, Nemanja Dilas and Javan Jockov experienced a three-one defeat at the hands of the Chinese trio formed by Miao Xinyu, Sui Yufeng and Zhang Xinyu.

Similarly, Spain who fielded Francisco Miguel Ruiz, Miguel Nuñez and Albert Vilardell suffered when confronting Zeng Beixun, Yang Yinghao and Dong Haoyu. A three-nil defeat was the order of the day.

Both Chinese outfits remained unbeaten to reserve first place.

Somewhat differently for the top seeded Singapore selection of Josh Chua Shao Han, Pang Yew En Koen and Gerald Yu Zong Jun, it was first place in the group and medal hopes very much alive. Likewise the no.2 seeds, India with Manush Utpalbai Shah, Raegen Alburquerque and Anukram Jain in action, remained unbeaten as did the outfits next in the order of merit.

It was first place for Thailand’s Yanapong Panagitgun who joined forces with Russia’s Aleksandr Kraskovski and Artem Tikhonov; a situation that applied also to the no.4 seeds, Belgium’s Adrien Rassenfosse, Olav Kosolosky and Nicolas Degros.

China and India prominent; it was the same in the first phase of the Cadet Boys’ Team event, again as in the Junior Boys’ Team competition, only first position in the group securing progress.

Payas Jain and Vishwa Deenadaylan secured first place in their group as did their Indian colleagues Divyansh Sriastava and Adarsh Om Chhetri. Similarly for China, two teams secured main draw berths. Liu Shuanghao and Xu Haotian topped their group, a feat also accomplished by compatriots Deng Haipeng, Lu Zhenlong and Tian Chufan.

Play in both the Junior Boys’ and Cadet Boys’ Team events conclude on Saturday 22nd February.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Serbia Junior & Cadet Open Zeng Beixun Yang Yinghao Dong Haoyu

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