06 Sep 2018

An opening ceremony completed on Friday 17th August in the Togolese Exhibition Centre “Togo 2000”, located in the West African capital city of Lomé; a shake of the hands, immediately an ITTF/PTT Level One Course commenced.

Organised under the direction of ITTF High Performance and Development, the expert on duty was the host nation’s Boé Lawson-Gaizer, currently resident in France.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Five days of intense activity; proceedings concluded with a closing ceremony being held in the canteen of the local airport on Wednesday 22nd August. Present for the occasion was Vaast Edah, the President of the Togolese Table Tennis Federation.

He congratulated those who had attended the course, before later presenting the certificates.

Theory sessions commenced proceedings (Photo: courtesy of Boé Lawson-Gaizer)


Notably, on Tuesday 21st August, members of the group paid a visit to the Ségbé Primary School, located 20 kilometres from Lomé near the border with Ghana. No less than 50 children aged from four years to 16 years old received coaching; for the young people it was a chance to discover the sport of table tennis, for the course students, a major opportunity to put theory into practice. It was for all both fun and exciting.

“The programme entailed various activities organised in different workshops as an introduction to table tennis. The session ended with an equipment donation presentation, comprising rackets and balls in order that the youngsters can continue playing table tennis.” Boé Lawson-Gaizer

Innovation at the Ségbé Primary School (Photo: courtesy of Boé Lawson-Gaizer)


It is envisaged that the young participants at that session will continue to attend regular coaching sessions prior to the start of the new school year, when a new structure will be put in place.

A most worthwhile visit, matters concluded with a two day Training Camp held at Tokoin High School; the promising junior and youth players from Togo attended, all improved their skills at sessions which focused primarily on movement. The training camp ended with a tournament being organized in different age categories.

Learning the skills pertinent to Para table tennis was a vital aspect of the course (Photo: courtesy of Boé Lawson-Gaizer)


It was a full and most detailed itinerary appreciated by all concerned; all aspects of the course were well received.

Successful and rewarding, not only for the students on the course, not only for the young players; also for Boé Lawson-Gaizer, he had returned home, he was amongst his own people.

Boé Lawson-Gaizer advises at the start of a training session (Photo: courtesy of Boé Lawson-Gaizer)

High Performance and Development Coaching Boé Lawson-Gaizer