01 Sep 2018

Striving for honours, the favourites all enjoyed a successful day as play commenced in the Men’s Team standing classes at the 2018 China Para Open in Beijing on Saturday 1st September; the one exception came in Class 10 where Poland’s Igor Misztal and Marcin Skrzynecki upset the odds.

They finished in first place in the most closely contested group of the day.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The Polish duo did not make the best of starts; they suffered a two-one defeat at the hands of Russia’s Iurii Nozdrunov and Pavel Lukyanov, the no.2 seeds.

Success for Iurii Nozdrunov and Pavel Lukyanov but in the immediate preceding contest they had experienced a two matches to nil reverse when opposing Nigeria’s Tajudeen Agunbiade and Olufemi Alabi. One fixture remaining, the Nigerians were the favourites to top the group, it was not to be the outcome; they experienced a two-nil defeat at the hands of Igor Misztal and Marcin Skrzynecki.

Thus on match ratio, it was first place for Igor Misztal and Marcin Skrzynecki (3:2), Tajudeen Agunbiade and Olufemi Alabi (2:2) concluded matters in second spot followed by Iurii Nozdrunov and Pavel Lukyanov (2:3). Outfits finishing in first and second places only advanced to the main draw, it was the end of the road for Iurii Nozdrunov and Pavel Lukyanov.

Defeat for the second seeds in Class 10, for the top seeds, China’s Lian Hao, Mao Shubo and Kong Weijie, it was top spot without due alarm.

Similarly, in the remaining events as play commenced in the Men’s Team standing categories, it was success for the favourites.

In group organised events, China’s Huang Jiaxin and Chen Chao, the top seeds, remained unbeaten in Class 6, as did the second seeded combination of Israel’s Danny Bobrow and Ian Seidenfeld of the United States. Likewise in Class 8, Sweden’s Emil Andersson and Daniel Gustafsson justified their top seeded position, a feat also emulated by Japan´s Koyo Iwabuchi and Nobuyuki Suzuki.

Impressive performances, it was the same in Class 11 from the partnership comprising Korea Republic’s Kim Gitae and Australia’s Samuel von Einem; the top seeds, they ended the day unbeaten, an achievement also realised by the French trio formed by Lucas Creange, Antoine Zhao and Timothe Ivaldi, the no.2 seeds.

Meanwhile, in events organised in two stages; in Class 7 China’s Yan Shuo, Liao Keli and Wang Yu, the top seeds, secured first place in their group, as did Germany’s Jochen Wollmert and Thomas Rau, the no.2 seeds.

In a similar vein, it was no different in Class 8; top seeds, Ukraine’s Viktor Didukh and Ivan Mai reserved first place in their group, as did the Chinese combination of Zhao Shuai, Ye Chao Qun and Peng Weinen, the no.2 seeds.

Play in Beijing concludes on Sunday 2nd September.

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