29 Aug 2018

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has confirmed 26 host cities for the 2019 ITTF World Junior Circuit.

The ITTF World Junior Circuit is the only junior (under 18) & cadet’s (under 15) regular table tennis tour for young up-and-coming stars to gain valuable experience playing with other top juniors from all around the world and prepare them for their senior’s debut internationally.

The top 8 girls and 8 boys on the 2019 World Junior Circuit standings will also be offered scholarships to promote and assist them reach their best playing level in the future.

The 26 events on the circuit will be split into three tiers; four (4) ITTF World Junior Circuit Golden events, nine (9) World Junior Circuit Premium events, and thirteen (13) World Junior Circuit events, with the Golden series being the top tier, offering higher prize money. Playing under good conditions and better exposure, the rising stars of the sport, and the host cities will be exposed through global digital, traditional media & TV coverage.

On the announcement, ITTF Head of Junior Program Mr Mounir BESSAH stated “I am delighted to announce the ITTF World Junior Circuit will be present all across the world. This year, five Continents will host the events, and this will give the young players the opportunities to get exposure at the international level.”

The 2019 ITTF World Junior Circuit will see China, Hong Kong & Thailand retaining their status as Golden series hosts, while 2018 Premium event host Croatia upgraded to be one of the four Golden series events.

For more information, please head to the 2019 ITTF World Junior Circuit website here.

The full list of 2019 ITTF World Junior Circuit events are:

ITTF World Junior Circuit Golden:

  • ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Thailand Junior & Cadet Open, Bangkok (THA): 15-19 May
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Golden China Junior & Cadet Open, Taicang (CHN): 12-16 Jun
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Hong Kong Junior & Cadet Open, Hong Kong (HKG): 7-11 Aug
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Golden Croatian Junior & Cadet Open, Varaždin (CRO): 18-22 Sep

ITTF World Junior Circuit Premium:

  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Bahrain Junior & Cadet Open, Manama (BRN): 7-11 Feb
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Czech Junior & Cadet Open, Hodonín (CZE): 13-17 Feb
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Italy Junior & Cadet Open, Lignano (ITA): 20-24 Mar
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium French Junior & Cadet Open, Metz (FRA): 10-14 Apr
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Belgium Junior & Cadet Open, Spa (BEL): 15-19 Apr
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Polish Junior & Cadet Open, Władysławowo (POL): 22-26 May
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Chinese Taipei Junior & Cadet Open, Taipei (TPE): 24-28 Sep
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Oman Junior & Cadet Open, Muscat (OMA): 24-28 Oct
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Premium Hungarian Junior & Cadet Open, Szombathely (HUN): 6-10 Nov

ITTF World Junior Circuit

  • ITTF Junior Circuit Swedish Junior & Cadet Open, Örebro (SWE): 20-24 Feb
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Chile Junior & Cadet Open, Santiago (CHI): 20-24 Mar
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Ghana Junior & Cadet Open, Accra (GHA): 1-5 Apr
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Australian Junior & Cadet Open, Darwin (AUS): 28 Apr-1 May
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Spanish Junior & Cadet Open, Platja D’Aro (ESP): 1-5 May
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Slovak Junior & Cadet Open, Bratislava (SVK): 16-19 May
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Morocco Junior & Cadet Open, Meknes (MAR): 12-16 Jun
  • ITTF Junior Circuit El Salvador Junior & Cadet Open, San Salvador (ESA): 14-18 Aug
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Serbia Junior & Cadet Open, Belgrade (SRB): 24-28 Sep
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Slovenia Junior & Cadet Open, Otočec (SLO): 2-6 Oct
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Macedonia Junior & Cadet Open, Skopje (MKD): 8-12 Oct
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Egypt Junior & Cadet Open, Sharm El Sheikh (EGY): 16-20 Oct
  • ITTF Junior Circuit Portugal Junior & Cadet Open, Guimaraes (POR): 18-22 Nov

The 2019 ITTF calendar is also available here.

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