27 Aug 2018

Runners up spot at the recently concluded Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour Czech Open in Olomouc on Sunday 26th August; not the finish he desired but for Portugal’s Marcos Freitas, it is a major boost to his chances of gaining a place in the end of year US$ 1,000.000 Grand Finals.

He moves from no.34 to no.21 (256 points) and, by competing in Olomouc, has met the minimum five appearance qualification criteria for the prestigious gathering.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Notably listed higher is China’s Zheng Peifeng, the player who beat Marcos Freitas in the Czech Republic final; he makes the dramatic climb from no.70 to no.16 (281 points) but cannot qualify for the Grand Finals.

He has only competed in two Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour tournaments; just Sweden and Austria remain. Also if colleagues, Fan Zhendong currently in second place (1,050 points), Liu Gaoyuan in fifth spot (600 points) and Liang Jingkun in 12th position (416 points) are to qualify they must play in both Sweden and Austria.

Meanwhile, for compatriots Ma Long, in third position (1,039 points) and Liu Dingshuo in 14th spot (363 points), as with Germany’s Timo Boll who occupies 20th place (263 points), they have all competed in four ITTF World Tour tournaments this year and thus must make at least one more appearance.

Marcos Freitas may be on the fringe but he is not out of the running; however, one player, who did his cause a great deal of good in Olomouc, was Germany’s Patrick Franziska. Beaten by Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto, who retains fourth place (801 points), in the quarter-finals; he moves from no.10 to no.8 (801 points). China’s Xu Xin continues to lead the list (1,325 points).

Equally, alongside Denmark’s Jonathan Groth, we may also see the name of Patrick Franziska in the Men’s Doubles event at the Grand Finals; following their victory in Olomouc, the pair move from 12th to sixth place (357 points) and are very much in line for a top eight finish. Having competed in five ITTF World Tour tournaments this year, they are past the four tournaments as a pair minimal mark.

Likewise, Sweden’s Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson are not out of the reckoning, beaten by Patrick Franziska and Jonathan Groth in the Olomouc final; they climb from no.16 to no.11 (201 points).

Equally, Germany’s Ruwen Filus and Ricardo Walther have an outside chance of qualification; experiencing defeat against the Swedes in the Czech Republic final, they retain the no.14 spot (183 points).

Korea Republic’s Jeoung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu (807 points) continue to lead the list, followed by Ma Long and Xu Xin (575 points) who must compete in one further ITTF World Tour tournament this year to qualify.

Overall 16 players qualify for the Men’s Singles event at the Grand Finals, for the Men’s Doubles it is eight pairs.

Seamaster ITTF World Tour: Latest Standings (Monday 27th August)

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