04 Aug 2018

Located in the Central Valley region, San José, the capital of Costa Rica was the recent home for a successful Basic Umpires Course.

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, funded by the Costa Rica Table Tennis Federation, the two day course was held on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st July; the expert on duty was Ecuador’s Freddy Almendariz, the ITTF Pan American Competition Manager.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

A total of eight students, five men and three women attended, in addition to San José, the course members travelled from Cartago, Colon, Desamparado, Escazu and Heredia.

Furthermore, an International Umpires examination was held on the concluding day, six candidates from Nicaragua and 14 from Costa Rica were present.

“It is always good to see young people who want to improve and try to learn; this was the situation in Costa Rica. The participants were 18 to 25 years of age.” Freddy Almendariz

A delighted Freddy Almendariz, it was an equally positive reaction from Esteban Maroto, Chair of the Costa Rica Table Tennis Federation’s Umpire and Referees Committee. He was delighted to see that such a motivated group attending the course.

“The Costa Rica Table Tennis Federation has made a big effort to have a course this year; for us it is a good investment. It is important to continue development in all areas. The main reason is that every day we have more and more important activities.” Esteban Maroto

Likewise, Nicole Granados, 18 years old and Maria José Avalos both active players, were most enthusiastic with regards to taking the first umpiring steps.

“Normally players do not see umpiring as a career. However in recent months I started to study the handbook and I saw in this course the opportunity, now I hope to be an international umpire.” Nicole Granados

“I like all the time to learn and also I am pleased to see how my compatriots, Silvia Garro and Edgar Miranda, have had the chance to officiate at the Olympic Games. It is for me now the beginning and I hope to have the same chance as them in the future.” Maria José Avalos

Motivated, none more so than Dhruva Martinez; he has great experience as an umpire in local events, including Para competitions.

“This was my second chance and fortunately I passed, I feel good because I enjoy umpiring.” Dhruva Martinez

Eight members reached the required level to gain the Basic Umpires Award; Freddy Almendariz congratulated to all participants and awarding certificates.

The participants were: Maria José Avalos, Maria Camacho, Nicole Granados, José Hernandez, Richard Jimenez, Dhruva Martinez, Alejandr Morales and Arturo Silesky.

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