28 Jul 2018

The initial phase of the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events concluded at the 2018 Jordan Junior and Cadet Open in Amman on Saturday 28th July, for India it was very much a day of success.

Payas Jain and Himnakulhpuingheta Jeho duly finished the day in the first place in their group as did their female counterparts Diya Parag Chitale and Trisha Gogoi.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

They were pole positions as anticipated, both outfits started proceedings as the top seeds.

Likewise, as predicted, in the Cadet Boys’ Team event, colleagues Dev Shroff and Deepit Patil, topped their group as expected; it was the same situation for Iran’s Navid Shans and Radin Khayyam alongside Chinese Taipei’s Li Hsin-Yu and Wang Guan-Ru.

All started the day as the highest ranked pairings in their particular groups; a competition in which there were eight initial phase groups with teams finishing in first and second places advancing to the main draw.

However, lower down the order in the opening phase of the Cadet Boys’ Team event there were surprise first places with the highest rated outfits experiencing defeats and finishing in runners up spots.

India’s Jash Modi and Rajveer Vishal Shah recorded a three-two win against Sweden’s Alve Sjoevold and Linus Keraenen; Chinese Taipei’s Lin Yen-Chun and Wong Chen-You beat Thailand’s Chettanabodi Chanpen and Puripong Saelee by three matches to nil. Similarly, Iran’s Mohammadjavad Sohrabi and Mobin Alipourghalehjough overcame Sweden’s Love Iwarsson and Gustav Babtist by the same margin as the Chinese Taipei duo had recorded.

Defeats for Chinese Taipei and Sweden but second place in the group and progress to the main draw, for the latter’s colleagues Edvard Nelly and Elias Sjögren, likewise the highest rated team in their group, it was a different outcome. Third place and elimination was the end result. They finished behind the Chinese combination of Chen Jinlong, Li Shijie and Ma Chao with Saudi Arabia’s Salem Alsuwailem and Khalid Alshareif in second position.

Meanwhile, in the Cadet Girls’ Team event, where there were three groups in the opening phase, similar to Diya Parag Chitale and Trisha Gogoi, Chinese Taipei’s Huang Yu-Jie and Tsai Yun-En finished in first place.
First places according to status but not in the one remaining group; the second seeds, India’s Munmun Kundu and Mithya Mani experienced a three-one defeat when facing China’s Sui Xiaoran, Wang Guining and Zhang Yulei. Thus they had to settle for group runners up spot. The Chinese trio remained unbeaten to top the group.

Play in Amman concludes on Sunday 29th July.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Jordan Junior & Cadet Open Payas Jain Diya Parag Chitale Trisha Gogoi Himnakulhpuingheta Jeho

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