24 Jul 2018

Situated in Guangdong Province in south east China, the city of Foshan will be the home the 12th Asian Veteran Tournament.

Play will commence on Thursday 6th December and conclude on Sunday 9th December.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Staged at the Lingnan Ming Zhu Stadium, the event will hosted by the Foshan Sports Bureau in conjunction with the Foshan Table Tennis Association; additionally the event is supported by the Foshan Cai Guan Zhu Ye Limited Company and the Foshan Zhongao Square Management Limited Company.

The tournament is open to all players worldwide.

“We sincerely welcome you to join the “Green Land Bright Sky City Cup” the 12th Asian Veteran Table Tennis Tournament held in Foshan, China. Foshan is a city with a long history and famous culture. We hope all participants can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Foshan after the competition, deepening the understanding of Chinese traditional culture, enhancing friendship between people of the Asia-Pacific countries. We are looking forward to meeting you. Foshan welcomes you!” Foshan Table Tennis Association

Both Men’s Team and Women’s Team events will be held in five age group categories: 40 to 49 years, 50 to 59 years, 60 to 69 years and 70 to 79 years, in addition to 80 years and over.

In the initial stage, each event will be organised on a group basis; teams finishing in first and second places advance to the main draw where play is organised on a progressive knock-out basis basis, for all other teams, participation in a consolation event will be an option.

Play in the Men’s Team events will be as is used in the current World Championships, three players per team (A v X, B v Y, C v Z, A v Y, B v X); in the Women’s Team event, it is four singles and one doubles (A v X, B v Y, Doubles, A v Y, B v X). The one exception is in the Over 80 years category where a fixture will comprise just three matches, two singles (A v X, B v Y, Doubles).

In each age group the prize for the winning team is US$ 400.00, for the runner up US$ 200.00, for third place US$ 100.00. The winner of the consolation event receives US$ 100.00, the runner US$ 50.00.

Players may compete in just one age group, a player may compete in a younger age group; proof of age will be requested.

The entry fee is US$ 200.00 per team (1,300 RMB).

Foshan Table Tennis Association
Email: [email protected]

12th Asian Veteran Tournament: Prospectus (issued Tuesday 24th July)

12th Asian Veteran Tournament: Entry Form (closing date is Saturday 10th November)

Swaythling Club Foshan