04 Jul 2018

The first stage of play concluded on Wednesday 4th July in the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events at the 2018 China Junior and Cadet Open in Taicang; the host nation made its presence felt.

All four outfits on duty remained unbeaten to secure first places in their respective groups.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In the Cadet Boys’ Team event; Kuang Li, Tao Yuchang and Han Xinyuan, the top seeds, finished in first place in their initial phase group, ahead of Australia’s Raymond Zhang and Nicholas Lum.

Likewise, it was top spot for Chen Yuanyu, Chen Yaxuan and Shen Feng but their success was somewhat contrary to expectations. They concluded matters in first place ahead of Chinese Taipei’s Kuo Yu-Liang and Tsai Pang-Yuan on a day that did not present the best of fortunes for Iran. The no.2 seeds, the combination of Radin Khayyam and Mohammad Amin Samadai, the pair suffering three-nil defeats in each contest, had to settle for third place.

“We gave our best and we are satisfied with the outcome. We lost against China so we were determined to win against Iran; I tried my best to live up to expectations. We have a strong team but we have to be brave to face the challenges that await.” Kuo Yu-Liang

Similarly, Hong Kong’s Choy Chun Kit and Yu Nok, the no.3 seeds ended matters in third place in their group. The Chinese Taipei duo of Cheuh Chuang-Ting and Wang Chen-You duly remained unbeaten to top the group ahead of the Oceania combination formed by Australia’s Finn Luu and New Zealand’s Nathan Xu.

Surprise first places; it was the same in the one remaining group in the Cadet Boys’ Team competition.

Represented by Ryoichi Yoshiyama and Rikuto Maede; Japan finished in first place ahead of Hong Kong’s Baldwin Chan Ho Wah and Yiu Kwan To, the no.2 seeds.

Meanwhile, in the Cadet Girls’ Team event, the top seeds, China’s Kuai Man, Chen Yi and Li Yuqi finished in first position in their group ahead of Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Pu-Syuan and Gao Fan-Ti.

Likewise, it was top spot for the Chinese combination of Li Zeyan, Ding Zige and Ye Xiuyu but somewhat contrary to predictions; they secured pole position ahead of Hong Kong’s Chelsea Chan Shui Lam and Karen Lee Hoi Man, the no.3 seeds.

“We are proud and satisfied with the result.” Chelsea Chan Shui Lam

Runners up spot for Hong Kong, in the one remaining group it was top spot. Phoebe Hui Wai and Ng Wing Lam, the no.2 seeds, secured top spot ahead of Japan’s Miwa Harimoto and Anne Uesawa.

Play in the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events concludes on Thursday 5th July.

World Junior Circuit 2018 China Junior & Cadet Open Chen Yuanyu Shen Feng Chen Yaxuan

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