07 Aug 2018

At the recent Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships and at recent tournaments on the Seamaster ITTF World Tour, there was a new look for those officiating the matches, polo shirts replacing jacket; now there will be more ready to join the trendsetters.

Recently a total of some 1,000 applicants throughout the world, from north to south, east to west, sat a recent International Umpires Examination; the test being administered every two years. Overall 425 candidates emerged successful with every member continent represented.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

The continent with the largest number of successful candidates was Asia, the number being 246 in total.
Notably of that number, 41 of the newly qualified come from India; following the country’s success at the recent Commonwealth Games, the figures indicate that the nation is making significant progress on all fronts.

Similarly there are high numbers from Korea Republic, an impressive 33 new recruits, as there are from China with a further 29 officials now being added to the International Umpires list. Likewise, there are 18 newly qualified from each of Japan and Malaysia, whilst from Chinese Taipei, the number is just one less.

They are most encouraging figures but one of the most pleasing facts with regards to Asia are the numbers from the national associations where development is very much the current priority. There are 14 newly qualified from Syria, a country suffering political unrest and in total of 12 from Oman, a host earlier this year for a first ever ITTF World Junior Circuit tournament.

Equally, in Africa, there are nine newly qualified International Umpires from Sudan, whilst Egypt continues to set the example; of the continent’s total of 41 new officials, they field 30 new members.

Meanwhile, for Europe there are 114 new such officials with notably 13 being from Germany and 10 from Turkey.

Completing the list; there are 14 new International Umpires from Latin America plus five from each of North America and Oceania; the significant fact regarding the latter is that they all come from a developing area. All five are from the South Pacific Island of French Polynesia.

ITTF Umpires & Referees Committee:  Newly Qualified International Umpires (Tuesday 7th August)

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