06 Jun 2018

One of the new features the ITTF introduced for the 2018 ITTF World Tour season was the addition of multiball and one of the key components to the success of the process is of course the ball kids.

by Simon Daish

As the world’s biggest table tennis stars battle it out for international glory it’s important for the players and spectators that the transitional process between points runs as smoothly as possible, that is where the role of the ball kid comes into play.

Gathering any loose balls, the ball kids collect the balls in baskets before handing them over to the umpire during breaks and time-outs. The umpire will then provide the server with a ball at the appropriate time.

Being a ball kid definitely has its perks whether it’s meeting the stars of the show, seeing them in action or obtaining their autographs.

Get a better look at what life as a ball kid is like on the ITTF World Tour:

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