26 May 2018

First place in the group, the only option at the 2018 Polish Junior and Cadet Open in Wladyslawowo-Cetniewo, in order to progress to the main draw in both the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events; the leading outfits in both disciplines duly advanced unhindered.

However, there were surprise names that finished at the head of the lists.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

In the Cadet Boys’ Team event there was no stopping the top seeds, China led by Xiang Peng, the winner the previous day of the Junior Boys’ Singles title; supported by Kuang Li and Zeng Beixun, first place in the group was secured without alarm.

It was the same for the no.2 seeds, the Belgian duo comprising Nicolas Degros and Adrien Rassenfosse.

However the appearance of Russia ‘C’ represented by Vladislav Bannikov and Rusian Cherkes alongside the Germany ‘A’ combination of Hannes Hoermann and Jeremy Loeffler was a surprise. The Russians finished ahead of the Czech Republic ‘B’ Team partnership of Simon Belik and Adam Stalzer, the no.3 seeds; for the Germans, they resigned the no.5 seeds, the Slovak combination of Filip Delincak and Adam Klajber to runners up spot.

Similarly, in the Cadet Girls’ Team competition, Russia ‘B’ who selected from Liubov Tentser, Alina Zavarykina and Svetlana Dmitrienko upsets the odds by finishing ahead of the no.6 seeds, the Czech Republic combination of Linda Zaderova, Helena Sommerova and Anna Klempererova.

First place contrary to predictions for Russia ‘C’, it was the same for the Romania ‘C’ pairing of Natalia Ianau and Patricia Ianau. They finished in first place in their group ahead of the Swedish ‘A’ Team comprising Rebecca Muskantor and Leah Tviet Muskantor, the no.7 seeds.

Problems lower down the order in the Cadet Girls’ Team event; not at the very top. Top seeds Russia ‘A’ represented by Elizabet Abraamian and Arina Slautina duly secured first place in their group as did the Romania ‘A’ Team duo of Luciana Mitrofan and Elena Zaharia, the no.2 seeds.

Both the Cadet Boys’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events will be played to a conclusion on Saturday 26th May.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Polish Junior & Cadet Open Xiang Peng Kuang Li

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