22 May 2018

A new venture for Egypt’s Dina Meshref and it has been one that has proved successful; earlier in the year, some four months ago, she received an invitation to represent the Storfors Club in Sweden; the reigning African champion accepted the invitation.

Now she has repeated the success enjoyed with Al-Ahly, the Cairo based club she helped guide to the Egyptian League title; she proved pivotal to the success of the Storfors in winning the Swedish League, the club finishing ahead of reigning champions Eslöv.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

It is an experience Dina Meshref has clearly enjoyed, an experience that has been more than just winning, more than just table tennis.

“It has been a unique experience playing for Storfors BTK this season. It’s more a family club rather than something official. All the girls sleep together in one house in Storfors; we eat together, do our laundry together, chat and play some games together after dinner. It’s the first time Storfors has won the gold medal. I am very happy we did it together this year; it wasn’t easy to beat Eslöv but we proved we were capable. There are many good players in the teams we played against; in the final match there was a strong Chinese player.” Dina Meshref

Successful but winning such titles and being an important member of a team is both mentally and physically demanding.

“It feels so good to win both the Egyptian and the Swedish Leagues this year; it has been a tough year for me with a lot of travelling and competitions, so I am very happy that the end result was great.” Dina Meshref

However, Dina Meshref does not intend to continue with the club commitments.

“Unfortunately I have decided to stop playing in international leagues next season, I feel I need more time to practise and develop my game.” Dina Meshref

Notably Dina Meshref will compete in the Uncle Pop 2018 ITTF Women’s World Cup to be staged later in the year in Chengdu, China.

The successful Storfors Team with (centre) Dina Meshref (Photo: courtesy of Storfors BTK)

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