21 May 2018

Located in West Africa, in recent times the Ghana Table Tennis Association, under the leadership of Mawuko Afadzinu, has been making every effort to raise the fortunes of the sport.

On Friday 18th May, there was a major boost in the revitalisation policy.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Organised under the auspices of the Ghana Table Tennis Association and with the support of the National Sports Authority and the Ghana Education Service, pupils took part in a one-day clinic held at the newly renovated Youth Centre in Sekondi-Takoradi.

According to the Ghana Table Tennis Association, Nathaniel Kwesi Somuah, the pupils were taught basics of table tennis.

“More than 100 school kids have been taken through the basic skills and drills in table tennis such as bouncing, multi-ball feeding, rallies, warm up, stretching, warm down, racket gripping and also the benefits of playing table tennis.” Nathaniel Kwesi Somuah

A most positive initiative which was well received by all concerned; the response from pupils and teachers was most positive.

“The students came from six schools within the Sekondi Township, namely: Wesley Methodist, Old Hospital, Rev. Griffeon, St. Andrews Anglican Complex, Apramdo, and A.M.E Zion Junior High School. The students were accompanied by their teachers Daniel Nunani, Emmanuel Kwarah, Benjamin Mensah, Samuel K. Afful, Anthony Mensah, Margaret Kotoku, Augustus OsaeJoseph Sackey, Romeo Carl Ansah, and NiiKotei Ashie.” Nathaniel Kwesi Somuah

Under the guidance of Ishmael Abraham Armah, the organiser of the clinic in Sekondi, plans are now being made to replicate the programme in other regions in Ghana in an attempt to unearth talent and popularise the sport.

“Increasing the base number of table tennis players in the country and unearthing talents in schools are the priorities of Western Region Table Tennis Association. Projects of this kind have received donations from Sarah Hanffou at Ping Sans Frontières. These include increasing girls’ participation in table tennis in both junior and senior high schools in Sekondi and Takoradi Townships.” Ishmael Abraham Armah

Undoubtedly Ishmael Abraham Armah is highly motivated.

“I organised the table tennis clinic to whip up interest in the game and impart the basics skills of table tennis into the school child. The project seeks to have players from the region compete in all divisions at national level. In order to get these goals achieved, we appeal to all and sundry to make the effort in equipping our association with table tennis tables, rackets, robots, balls, footwear and jerseys to motivate the target group and facilitate their interest in this noble sport.” Ishmael Abraham Armah

However, to progress further, Ishmael Abraham Armah asks needs more support to take the clinic to every nook and corner in Ghana.

“The association seeks to extend activities to cover other parts of the region and will therefore call on all stakeholders and parties to supports their activities.” Ishmael Abraham Armah

The one-day clinic was sponsored by the Miksi Choco Ltd and Jason Onyameh of Divine Travel and Tours Ltd; dignitaries from the National Sports Association as well as representatives from the Ghana Veterans Association attended the event.

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