22 May 2018

Home for the forthcoming Central American Championships, prior to play commencing on Thursday 24th May, San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, was the home for an ITTF Basic Umpires Course.

Staged on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May proceedings were organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development in conjunction with the Latin American Table Tennis Union and the country’s National Institute of Sport, always known as INDES being an acronym of El Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador. The venue throughout was the Palacio de los Deportes Carlos "El Famoso" Hernandez.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Under the guidance of Colombia’s Yoanna Ramirez, six students attended from various areas of El Salvador.

“In El Salvador many important events have been staged. In order to continue the progress more officials are needed; taking the basic umpires course this small group will now have the chance to umpire in local, national and even international events.” Yoanna Ramirez

Ever since August 2005, when Portugal’s Marcos Freitas won the Boys’ Singles title and Sweden’s Madeleine Melcher was crowned Girls’ Singles champion, the El Salvador Table Tennis Federation has organised an ITTF World Junior Circuit tournament. The now well established event provides an opportunity for umpires to gain experience; one such official present two years ago was 27 year old Roxana Reyes.

“In San Salvador we have this great opportunity, we hold high quality international events; this has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the sport. I love table tennis and I appreciate the opportunity of being able to participate in this course. It has allowed me to continue growing professionally and as an umpire.” Roxana Reyes

The Executive Committee of the El Salvador Table Tennis Federation is committed to the staging of national, regional and international tournaments; thus there are many opportunities for developing umpiring skills and progressing to referee status.

“It has been very satisfying to work with this group, they were all motivated and committed; all were focused and wish to go further. It is important to continue with such initiatives to ensure technical staff members are 100 per cent trained for major events. It is very motivating for the participants to know how far they can progress; they could even reach the standard to officiate at the Olympic Games.” Yoanna Ramírez

One of the most notable factors about umpires in Latin America is the age; many are under 30 years old, somewhat different to other continents. It would seem that trend will continue; one member of the group was 21 year old Carlos Hernandez.

“It has been a great opportunity; my dream is to be part of the team of umpires for an Olympic Games. It will take a lot of effort and dedication, this is the first step to achieve my dream” Carlos Hernandez

A successful course; one person in particular, Carlos Esnard, the Technical Director of the El Salvador Table Tennis Federation was delighted. He is Mr Reliable, the backbone and guiding hand of proceedings in the small Central American country; whatever the initiative, he is present.

“The Basic Umpires Course is of great importance for strengthening our group of umpires. Owing to the great tradition of international events the country stages, we have a good number of umpires who have also received this type of training. I thank the Latin American Table Tennis Union, especially Yoanna who led the course and made such excellent results possible.” Carlos Esnard

Great credit must go to Yoanna Ramírez, for her splendid efforts. El Salvador now has six further umpires.

“It was a pleasant experience to be involved with such a committed group. I wish them the greatest of success in their umpiring future; my congratulations to all.” Yoanna Ramírez.

The participants were: Roxana Elizabeth Carranza Arriaga, Claudia Marina Alvarez Linares, José Abel Guzman Mejia, Roxana Beatriz Reyes Bonilla, Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Crespin, Candelario Evora Calderon and Marlon Josue Beltran García.

El Salvador - ITTF Basic Umpires Course

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