18 May 2018

One of the standout names at the 2017 Europe Youth Top 10 in Worcester where he came away with the Cadet Boys’ Singles gold medal, Samuel Kulczycki is one of the finest talents rising through the ranks of European table tennis.

Now the young Polish star is set to undergo a major life-changing moment as he prepares for his one year move to the German city of Ochsenhausen.

by Simon Daish

Samuel Kulczycki is making the move in a bid to further his development as a player and his decision was made easier by fellow compatriot Jakub Dyjas, who bides his time playing for TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen.

“I want to be a good player in the future, so I have to go and train in a very strong group. My parents support me and accept the decision to move to Germany. Jakub Dyjas also encouraged me to come to Ochsenhausen. There, I will have the best conditions for sports development.” Samuel Kulczycki

This won’t be the first time Samuel Kulczycki has travelled abroad for training and he is no stranger to Ochsenhausen, visiting the area for additional help with his game.

Making the move to Ochsenhausen on a full-time basis, Samuel Kulczycki will have the opportunity to train alongside a number of big name players from the European scene including, of course, Jakub Dyjas.

“I train in Drzonków… and I go to Ochsenhausen for consultations. In the winter, I spent several weeks in South Korea. It is very important for me to take classes in Germany, where I also train with the first team, i.e. Jakub Dyjas, Simon Gauzy and Alvaro Robles.” Samuel Kulczycki

Source: Polish Table Tennis Federation

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