17 May 2018

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has opened up the bidding process for the new 2019 ITTF Challenge Series.

In 2019, the popular ITTF Challenge Series is being split into two tiers. Six ITTF Challenge Plus events, which will become the top tier of the Series and a selected number of ITTF Challenge events.

The ITTF Challenge Plus will offer players higher world ranking points, higher prize money and most importantly, exposing players to higher level events to reach the next level. Host cities will be provided streaming production and commentary support from the ITTF which will assist the ITTF Challenge Plus events to increase visibility and viewership in the coming years.

In 2017, the ITTF Challenge Series was introduced to allow new and upcoming players to challenge themselves, earn international recognition and experience, as well as give more National Associations the opportunity to host international events.

ITTF CEO Steve DAINTON stated: “With the new World Ranking introduced at the beginning of January, we realized we needed an additional tier of events to give our players more opportunities to improve their World Ranking, hence the introduction of the Challenge Plus events. Together with our improving Marketing efforts with the Marketing rights back inside the ITTF, we are able to invest in more events and future assets that can improve the overall table tennis economy.”

The more flexible requirements of the ITTF Challenge will allow more cities to get on board to host an international table tennis event, gaining experience and exposure, just like the players participating in the Challenge Series.

For more information on the ITTF Challenge Series, visit ITTFChallengeSeries.com.

Bidding closes 15 June 2018, so be quick not to miss out!

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