14 May 2018

Imperious the previous day, first place secured in style, China emerged successful in both the Junior Girls’ Team and Cadet Girls’ Team events at the 2018 Spanish Junior and Cadet Open in Platja d’Aro on Saturday 12th May.

At no stage was either outfit extended the full five match distance.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Represented by Hu Yueyan, Zuo Yue and Han Guoyu, a three matches to one win was recorded against the French trio formed by Lucie Gauthier, Prithika Pavade and Berenice Marteau at the final hurdle of the Junior Girls’ Team event. The one success for France was secured in the third match of the fixture when Berenice Marteau accounted for Han Guoyu (5-11, 13-11, 7-11, 13-11, 11-3).

Earlier at the semi-final stage China had beaten the German outfit comprising Franziska Schreiner, Sarah Mantz and Yuki Tsutsui by three matches to one.

Notably, in the counterpart semi-final, France had been equally imposing. After recording a three-one quarter-final success in opposition to the Italian trio of Valentina Roncallo, Jamila Laurenti and Arianna Barani; a three-nil margin of victory was secured in opposition to the combination formed by Amy Wang of the United States who joined forces with England’s Megan Gidney and Denise Payet.

Similarly, in the Cadet Girls’ Team event, Mao Ruyue, Yang Shilu and Xie Jiatong registered a series of emphatic performances. A three-nil quarter-final success was recorded against Russia’s Arina Slautina and Alina Zavarykina, before a three-one victory margin was the outcome in opposition to Croatia’s Hana Arapovic and Hanna Loncarevic.

In impressive fashion a place in the final booked. There was no relaxation, a three-nil win was posted in opposition to the Czech Republic’s Helena Sommerova and Linda Zaderova.

The top seeds, a direct entry to the semi-finals, Helena Sommerova and Linda Zaderova had reserved their place in the final courtesy of a three-nil win being secured against Portugal’s Ines Gonçalves and Ines Matos.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Spanish Junior & Cadet Open Zuo Yue Hu Yueyan Han Guoyu

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