10 May 2018

Success for the host nation, selecting from Wanwisa Aueawiriyayothin, Phantita Pinyopisan, Thanthnan Choosattayanond and Pakawan Karthang, contrary to expectations the trio secured first place in their Cadet Girls’ Team first stage group at the SET 2018 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open.

They remained unbeaten, notably with Pakawan Karthang resigned to the bench, they recorded a three-nil success in opposition to the India ‘A’ trio of Munmum Kundu, Tisha Gogoi and Nithya Mani, the no.5 seeds.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Defeat for the Indian outfit but it was second place in the group and thus progress to the main draw; teams finishing in first and second positions in each group advanced to the second stage.

First place for Thailand contrary to expectations but the nation to attract the attention was Korea. Against the odds Korea ‘A’, with Kim Jimin, Park Chaewon and Kim Nayeong on duty finished their group ahead of the no.3 seeds, the team formed by Sweden’s Rebecca Muskantor and Tviet Muskantor who joined forces Singapore’s Koh Jia Qi and Tiffany Ke of the United States.

Likewise, it was top spot for the Korea ‘B’ Team combination of Byun Seoyoung, Jung Dabin and Kim Taemin; they finished their group ahead of the Hong Kong ‘B’ Team formation of Chelsea Chan Shiu Lam, Li Cheuk Tung and Wong Hoi Tung. The Singapore ‘A’ combination of Janis Cheng Yoke Ning, Casandra Chew and Zhou Jungyi, the no.4 seeds, in third place.

Three surprise first places; in the remaining groups, it was as expected. Represented by Phoebe Hui Wai, Ng Wing Nam and Yenn Ho Ching; Hong Kong ‘A’, the top seeds, secured first place; a feat also achieved by China’s Chen Yi, Yang Yiyun and Fan Shuhan, the no.2 seeds.

Play in the Cadet Girls’ Team event concludes on Thursday 10th May.

World Junior Circuit 2018 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open Wanwisa Aueawiriyayothin Thanthnan Choosattayanond Phantita Pinyopisan Pakawan Karthang

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