10 May 2018

Top seeds, it was very much an opening day of success, Wednesday 9th May, for the leading names in the Women’s Singles events at 2018 Slovenia Para Open in Lasko; in all nine events contested, the name at the top of the list emerged unbeaten in the initial phase of proceedings.

However, there were performances that caught the eye; notably Japan’s Yuri, Tomono, Poland’s Dajana Jastrzebska and Indonesia’s Lola Aamalia caused upsets of note.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Competing in Class 8, Yuri Tomono accounted for Hungary’s Zsofia Arloy, the no.2 seed (9-11, 11-7, 11-4, 11-8), Dajana Jastrzebska, gold medallist the previous week in Slovakia, beat Russia’s Elena Litvinenko, the no.3 seed (12-10, 9-11, 12-10, 14-12).

Both Yuri Tomono and Dajana Jastrzebska remained unbeaten to secure first places in their respective groups; for Zsofia Arloy and Elena Litvinenko it was their only defeat and thus both progressed to the main draw.

In all Para tournaments where there are two stages in a competition, players finishing in first and second positions advance to the knock-out phase.

Defeat but progress, it was not to prove the situation for Russia’s Anzhelika Kosacheva in Class 11; the no.2 seed, she finished in third position in her group behind Indonesia’s Lola Amalia and Hong Kong’s Wong Pui Kei.

Problems for notable names but not for the top seeds; in the wheelchair categories, Italy’s Giada Rossi (Class 1-2) duly topped her group as did Sweden’s Anna-Carin Ahlqvist (Class 3) and Serbia’s Borislava Peric-Rankovic (Class 4-5).

Likewise in the standing categories, it was a day without alarm for Russia’s Raisa Chebanika (Class 6), Kelly Van Zon of the Netherlands (Class 7), Norway’s Aida Dahlen (Class 8) and Turkey’s Neslihan Kavas (Class 9). Meanwhile, not to be left out, Brazil’s Bruna Alexandre (Class 10) and Ukraine’s Natalya Kosmina (Class 11) duly justified their top seeded status to secure first positions in their respective groups.

Play in the Women’s Singles events concludes on Thursday 10th May.

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