10 May 2018

A close call but India ‘A’ represented by Payas Jain, Himnakulhpuingheta Jeho and Dec Shroff, the top seeds, duly secured first place in their Cadet Boys’ Team first stage group at the SET 2018 Thailand Junior and Cadet Open in Bangkok on Wednesday 9th May.

They were extended the full five match distance by the Malaysia ‘A’ Team combination of Amos Ling Yi Heng, Tan Yi Heng and Wong Qi Shen.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Defeat for Malaysia ‘A’ but progress to the main draw; it was their only defeat of the day; thus second place was their lot. Teams finishing in first and second positions in each group advance to the second stage.

Eventual success for India ‘A’ but there were surprises as the initial phase of the Cadet Boys’ Team event came to a close.

Hong Kong ‘B’ with Shih Wing Hang, Yu Nok and Xu Yue on duty beat Singapore’s Andy Wong Yan Kai, Nicholas Chong and Danon Soh, the no.3 seeds, by three matches to one to secure first place in their group.

A surprise first place for Hong Kong ‘B’; it was the same for Korea Republic. The combination of Park Minjun, Jung Seongwon and Kim Hyunso finished in first place in their group ahead of the Chinese Taipei combination formed by Tien Hsiang-Yuan, Wu Chiou-Shin and Chung Chun-An. Somewhat disappointedly for the host nation, it was third place for the Thailand ‘A’ combination of Anuway Sangduang.

Two surprise first places; in the remaining groups in the first phase of the Cadet Boys’ Team event, it was pole position as seeding predicted.

China ‘A’ represented by Xiang Peng, Kuang Li and Zhu Jiaqi, the no.2 seeds, duly finished in first place in their group as did the Hong Kong ‘A’ combination of Chan Baldwin Ho Wah, Choy Chun Kit and Yiu Kwan To.

Play in the Cadet Boys’ Team event concludes on Thursday 10th May.

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